Company Creed

  • First time success

    We take the time to get the job finished on the first attempt. using a time-honored process for examination and correct resolution of the problem, we get it right the first time.
  • The best tools

    Having the right tool for the right job is critical. From decades of experience, we know that using the best available tool is a great economy in the long run. We spend what we need to spend on arriving at every job perfectly equipped for every eventuality.
  • Your family's safety

    Any plumbing problem can present the beginnings of a serious hygiene problem. We clean up thoroughly after every job, to make sure a small problem never turns into a big one.

Our Details

Driscoll Plumbing, Inc.
24032 SE 21st St
WA 98075
P: (425) 451-3686

Customer Testimonials

  • John diagnosed and fixed an incredibly bad sewer overflow problem we had in our basement floor. The cleanup was perfect and the price was right.

    - William S. - Bellevue, WA

  • Driscoll Plumbing came out on Christmas Day to fix a gas problem. Good thing, too, coz we needed to cook dinner for a dozen later that day. no extra charge for the day it was. He explained exactly the work done too.

    - Adanna W. - Kirkland, WA

  • john's team replaced our water heater in a few hours. Arrived on time, and it was all done when I got home from work. Old heater was gone. Good price and good cleanup. He him do a few more jobs. Never a problem.

    - David O. - Sammamish, WA

  • Fixed a slow leak under our house. Driscoll Plumbing was the third company that took a look at it, the only one who knew what the problem was. Great work. 45 minute job. I'll use them again.

    - Sammy S. - Sammamish, WA